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Elliott Dooley


Phone: 830-997-7657 (x1378)


Degrees and Certifications:

FMS Librarian

Hi, I'm Elliott Michael Dooley and it is my privilege and burden to be the FMS Librarian.  I was born here in Fredericksburg on a rainy Sunday morning in April and am part of the graduating class of 2006.  

After never receiving my owl to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I attended my fallback school, St. Edwards University in Austin, where I studied theater and earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts. I can still be seen on stage in town at the Fredericksburg Theater Company, often as a character described as "funny", tree #2, or villager #1. I worked as a substitute with the district for almost 2 and a half years until taking on the job of Librarian here. It makes me very happy to be here with such wonderful staff members, as well as all your "charismatic" young children. (but don't tell them that, I have a reputation to uphold.)  And to finally get some time for two of my other passions- reading and silence.  

So come on down to the library, and I'll find the right book for you that says to the people passing by, "Hey, leave me alone. I'm reading."


Follett Destiny


Opposing View Points


Biography in Context


Kids InfoBits



National Geographic Kids